Our partners

Advanced engineering is, finally, a Team Sport. We cannot achieve high results without excellent partners animated by the same passions. Since the 1995 we are working in a global environment and we developed strong relationship with the best Universities, Research Institutes and, of course, Industries and High Tech Companies in Europe, USA and Japan.

DIAD Group (ES)

DIAD Group is a leading company in optimizing customised process and design and testing of advanced materials and components for aerospace and automotive sectors.

DIAD and TEKS (IT, FR and UK)

They are a leading supplier of advanced composite solutions to the aerospace and motorsport sectors. DIAD core composite solutions include Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymers (CFRPs) and Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs).

AMRC with Boeing (UK)

Since 2007, we are member of the Board of the famous Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre with Boeing (AMRC), the 150M euros most advanced facility for materials cutting and assembly technology in the world. AMRC builds on world-renowned expertise which is integral to the aerospace, automotive and medical implant industries.

Its decision to locate on the 40 hectare AMP in Rotherham, South Yorkshire as the anchor tenant paves the way for other world-class blue-chip companies to invest on the UK COAL owned site where infrastructure work has already been completed. Building work on the AMRC new FACTORY 2050 will finish in May 2016.

The AMRC is developing new products and processes for the manufacturing and structural analysis of novel materials for advanced aerospace and automotive applications.

Torino e-district

Torino e-district is part of a network comprising more than 100 large industries, research institutions and small-medium enterprises in Europe dealing with electro-mobility and the underlying technologies: 14 member states in a pan-european network including Automotive OEMs, TIER1s, Components and system suppliers, Technology Providers and excellence centres. Torino e-district, born in late 2012, is active in several EU-funded projects, within FP7, Horizon 2020, Joint Undertakings ECSEL and FCH, in the development of Information and Communication technologies, Powertrain systems, Recharging infrastructures, Monitoring and conversion systems, Novel materials and structures, Advanced manufacturing. Torino e-district and the companies part of it, everyday are invited to be partners in new R&T and development initiatives, in a virtuous circle of expanding business, green technological improvement, and better quality of life, his network constantly expanding with new entries and start-ups, reinforced by stronger cooperation with long-run established institutions.