New clusters of projects for sustainable energy production

New clusters of projects for sustainable energy production

Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante announced the new clusters of projects for  sustainable clean energy production, from nuclear fusion to wind power

25 April 2022

The EU aims to become climate neutral by 2050, and to achieve this goal, wind energy technologies will need to unlock their full potential for affordable and reliable clean energy production.

Today the energy crisis related to the current complex political situation in the East of Europe is pushing even more the needs to migrate to alternative sustainable energy.

The wind

The next generation of wind farms will be much more powerful and need to be supported with an even more innovative set of physical and digital tools, as well as operational controls, collectively referred to as wind farm control, to improve overall farm power generation and improve the overall reliability. The wind park is growing from year to year (for example, in 2021, more than 80% of new electrical capacity was renewable), while solar and wind energy accounted for 91% of new renewable energy sources. We proposes to use the latest developments in the field of artificial intelligence AI, offering obvious advantages through Big Data management and machine learning strategies, bringing to significant impacts on the overall reliability and efficiency of the complex electro mechanical system of the wind turbine. New IPR protected ideas are on the lab development. 

The Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear fusion can become a promising option to replace fossil fuels as the world’s primary energy source and can have an important role to play in addressing the climate change. Benefits to society from fusion include: the abundance and accessibility of fuel, the carbon free footprint, the absence of high-level radioactive waste.

We are investigating a new way to improve the control of the thermonuclear plasma with the ultimate goal to generate electricity at commercial scale.

Our internal project aims at bringing into the reality an innovative Fusion Nuclear Plasma containment system based on AC and fully controlled by AI based efficiency management, predictive maintenance, stability and fluctuation compensating unit. The system is based on AI electronic controller of a new AC managed plasma nuclear reactor power unit (HW and SW) to be integrated into the nuclear power generator, reducing as much as possible installation issues further enhancing their acceptance on the market enabling to operate at zero emissions, respecting the environment and complying with all upcoming nuclear safety legislations. This is expected to have a huge impact initially in the power energy industry.