Tests of the hill climb race car

This year we had the best result at the international Championship Ice Challenge 2018, bringing two cars at the highest place in the podium.

The Citroen DS3 Proto by D4S gained the overall championship, driven by our driver/engineer Sergio Durante.

The D4S HybridSport gained the championship dedicated to the alternative/innovative energy cars, the series 10.


So, following the company philosophy we decided to push ahead with the development of the Hybrid Technology for extreme race applications.

The Porsche Proto represent a good base for development of high efficient and powerful hybrid solution. The idea is to use a small and light pack of battery to boost the power of the car in specific point of the race. The energy is recovered during the braking and released in the acceleration where the extra torque is necessary. A specific electronic manage the boost, avoiding useless skidding but pushing hard on the straight lines to gain maximum speed.

Moreover innovative materials, like Gamma Titanium, are used in the hot part of the engine, like exhaust and turbo components. This permit t reduce the weight and inertia of some components, with improvement in the efficiency and performances of the car.