2016 Advanced Manufacturing Research Center Board Meeting held in Barcelona (ES)

Thursday, 12, May, 2016

The first semester Board Meeting of the AMRC with Boeing was held at the beautiful Claris Hotel in Barcelona center, on Thursday 12 May.

Representatives of the biggest aerospace companies and their suppliers came from all the corner of the Earth.

Boeing, Airbus, Rolls Royce, Starrag Eckert, Messier Bugatti Dowty, BAE Systems, DELCAM, OSG, D4S Motorsport, MetsoftPro, Sandvik, Maegerle, Spirit Aerospace, KCT Group, DMG-Mori, McLaren, Renishaw, StarGB, Techicut, SECOTools top managers came from all over the world to join this important annual event.

The Board decided the new strategies for the next period, from the staff changing and restructuring, the UK regional development, the EU research joining, the development of the new centres in Singapore, Korea, Oregon and Virginia in USA, Australia,  Saudi Arabia.

As usual, in the evergreen spirit of the AMRC, this occasion was a fantastic opportunity to empower relationships and business opportunities. The organisation of the event was magisterially orchestrated by Professor Keith Ridgway and Dr. Adrian Allen, the brilliant founders of the AMRC.

The weekend in Barcelona offered several nice social events as the final of the Spanish Football League, the Bruce Springsteen concert and the Spanish Formula 1 Gran Prix.