Presentation of advanced engineering activities to the Rotary Club Board and meeting with local personalities

Monday, 5, April, 2016 and 1st of May 2016

Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante made a presentation about the latest innovation in advanced materials and manufacturing technologies at the Board of the Rotary Club Tenerife  (Spain) on Monday the 5th April.

The presentation include some technical slides and videos and it was structured in two distinct parts, related to state of the art technologies and running research activities-

The first part of the presentation was focused on new carbon fibers manufacturing technologies developed in the  International Project REFORM. REFORM focuses on more resource-efficiency and cleaner manufacturing technologies for composite components to be exploited in different industrial sectors (e.g. Transport, Energy, Construction, ..). Fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composites are becoming very popular as their use reduces weight and allow innovative designs for energy-saving products during service-life. The central idea of REFORM is to focus on the manufacturing processes of FRP components considering, with an holistic view, the whole manufacturing cycle. 

To this end the REFORM Consortium consists of 13 European organizations, with a record of excellence in their field of expertise, than can be grouped as follows:

– 7 high tech industrials: TEKS (France), D4S Motorsport, MACH4 and NOVA (Italy),  DVST and ModuleWorks (UK), Formtech (Sweden);

– 2 industry end users, namely ACCIONA (Spain) – a global leader in the civil infrastructure and AZIMUT, (Italy) a leading boat builder supplying luxury yachts

– 1 University: USFD  (UK)

– 3 research organizations: TECNALIA (Spain), IPT (Germany), SICOMP (Finland)

A spectacular video showed the tests carried out in Lapland  (Finland) to prove the mechanical performances of the composites in extreme weather conditions.

The second part of the presentation was related with some new innovative surface engineering treatments, currently under development in the international research project HIPPOCAMP. These coatings deposited on the surface of metal parts, like turbocompressor components or other powertrain parts, are able to reduce the wear and to damp the vibrations occurring in the  above mentioned  parts during the normal conditions of use. This permits longer compent life and better efficiency reducing the fuel consumption 

Further meetings followed:

  • • on Monday 1st May with the Italian Consul and the Mayor of Adeje
  • • on the 25th of May the Rotary Scholarship Award event at the University of La Laguna, in presence of the rector Antonio Martinson Cejas.

Picture: Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante with Dr. Guido Gianoli, President of the Rotary Club, in the beautiful environment of the H10 Hotel in Tenerife

From the left: Dr.SIlvio  Pelizzolo, Italian Onorary Consul,  José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, Mayor of Adeje in Tenerife (ES) and Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante

From the left: Dr. Antonina Giacobbe, editor of the newspaper ViviTenerife, Prof. Jose Carlo Alberto, president of the Rotary Tenerife, Prof. Antonio Martinson Cejas, Rector of the La Laguna University, Dr. Guido Gianoli, President of the Rotary Tenerife Sur, and Dr. Sergio Durante