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New concept of hybrid hypercar 2100 HP

Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante announced the project on a new astonishing 2100 HP hybrid car

15 December 2021

The project upscale and integrate a new concept of Artificial Intelligence into a human interface and total management of a super efficient, high performance green Hybrid powertrain based car, in two market sectors: the high-exigent market of the daily life utility cars, using as commercialisation strategy the penetration in the hand made ‘a la carte’ exclusive cars market and then in the everyday car through supporting OEM. 

The concept of the car proposes a integrated customised self learning interface avatar (with specific features, among the others: face recognition, health check of the driver and passengers, transferability of the virtual assistant to other platform like the phone or other devices of the user), block chain system to encrypt all the access to the car, innovative token on the value of the car and for the investors in the startup company. The technologies explored are the extended use of Energy Harvesters, a new concept of axial flux electric engine, new high performance batteries and revolutionary management and interface. The activity approach will keep into the account from the critical rare materials savings to the test on the road for final homologation to the commercialisation of the concept and the product.

The car will sport astonishing performances:

0-100km/h in 1.5s

380 km/h

1000 km autonomy