Mazzanti Automobili and Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante announced a collaboration agreement on new hybrid powertrain and innovative light materials structures for chassis

12 May 2020

Mazzanti Automobili and Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante presented a new innovation collaboration programs to develop and test a super powerful hybrid powertrain capable to sport about 2000 HP. The vehicles powertrain electrification is one of the main answers to the problem of the growing greenhouse gases and the reduction of noxious emissions. So Mazzanti and Durante accepted the challenge and decided to develop together an impressive technical solutions that will be the reference of the state of the art in the automotive panorama in the next years.

The project overall concept is to integrate a new property concept of super-high performance green powertrain in a Mazzanti Evantra car to improve the performance on one hand and, on the other hand, to widely disseminate a serious solution for the human health and the environment preservation. The activity approach will keep into the account from the critical rare materials savings to the test on the road for final homologation to the commercialisation of the concept and the product. Objective is to develop and integrate the best hybrid powertrain technology, patented, with the energy harvester systems, into the Mazzanti emblematic high performances hyper car.

This impressive applications will push the dissemination at the level never seen before, showing the path how to dramatically accelerate the exploitation to the every day car application. Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante, in the Motorsport field, already anticipated the planning of the FIA (International Automobile Federation) of 5 years building in 2017 the first hybrid rally race car for Ice racing in the World, which was the most extreme bench test for the electric technology.

The car, despite races carried out at the critical temperatures of -25ºC for the electric powertrain, won immediately the 2018 championship ICE CHALLENGE in the innovative powertrain category, showing performances and reliability never seen for a brand new concept of car. The race car was equipped with a V6 3lt engine characterised by 340HP and an electric unit sporting 200kW. The total power of the car was 610HP, 960kg of weight with an overall consumption reduction of 15% and pollution reduction of 23%, in comparison with the best in class competitors. Mazzanti will exploit the Durante experience and also the new innovations in the energy harvesters, that permit to recover energy from the delta temperatures: the harvested electric energy will be then straight used or stocked in batteries for the electric unit. This activity will imply a revision of the mechanical, thermal, electric and electronic architecture of the traction line. The electronic and power electric circuit will be correctly dimensioned in order to manage with the best efficiency the flux of energies. All this activity will take also into the account the Life Cycle Engineering approach.You may also like