Finished the project of a new astonishing hypercar

Sergio Durante at the starting grid
D4S Motorsport is setting up new technologies to be applied to race cars bodies and powertrains .
In fact the 2017 is definitely the year of the tests for advanced components  for these kind of components.

As already mentioned in another press release, in the project MICROFAST Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante was developing a revolutionary ultralight titanium water pump to keep the racing engine at super-stable temperature even in extreme and/or fast variable weather conditions.

At the same time new gamma titanium part,  under development for turboicompressor and high temperature parts, are under testing in the extreme conditions of the race to measure the performance gain in comparison with several more traditional solutions.</p>

It is the first time that Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante is applying F1 and Le Mans Series technologies into hill climb races.

As it happened last year, Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante is the chief test driver for these technologies and he is personally participating to the races of the European Championship, like the Cesana Sestriere of these pictures where he gain the first position in his category.