Fine Art Collection: the Seven Seas

‘Seven Seas: the artwork exclusive collection’

Durante reveals the new fine artworks  totally handmade on recycled carbon fibres in artistic collaboration with the Whiteblood Foundation

26 April 2022

The “Seven Seas” is a new fine artwork  concept made by hand entirely in recycled carbon fiber (the live carbon).

The artwork is the exclusive result of the artistic merging of design, materials and prototyping of our artist and technicians. The Collections is a masterpiece of combination of art, technology, experience and specialized hand manufacture, whose extraordinary workmanship, unique and of rare stylistic value is manifested in every detail, starting from the chromatic balance to the harmony of lines and contours.

The work is thus capable of enhancing the table and the foods offered and presented to the guest in a unique setting capable of enhancing the colors, textures and shapes of the food, allowing the chef a unique and unattainable stage.

The collection could be created on demand, using motifs or hand painting that act as a reference to art plovers , thus rediscovering spaces, emotions and sensations of nautical contexts characterized by a stylistic and cultural caliber.

Our group, an active member of the Whiteblood Art Foundation, has been engaged for many years in the fields of advanced research and high-tech materials and, in the spirit of its founders, pursues and pursues with its work an artistic aim capable of embellishing and emblazoning every single realization.