Fine Art Collection: the WhiteBlood ‘Napster’

WhiteBlood ‘The Napster’

WhiteBlood Foundation reveals the new fine artworks totally handmade on recycled carbon fibres

15 July 2022

Man is a fugitive from dangers but also greedy for gains. This is the principle underlying the analytical richness of Machiavelli’s philosophy.

The dematerialization of wealth creates insecurity in man but driven by greed, man is pushed to ever more daring financial speculations which were partly offset by the possession of objects representative of wealth such as shares in paper form.

The stock certificate was the last bastion of a physical and material representation of wealth.
Paper that deprives goods, machinery, desks, men and women of matter and blood and which is definitively extinguished at the digital frontier, becoming mere information, shreds of bits supported by other shared substructures that are defined as real for this reason alone. , the fragile reality, therefore, the theme of philosophical and artistic investigation of the collective WB.

WhiteBlood interpretation of the titles

The collective exhumes the paper and the title, now devoid of any value and charges it with substance, art, color and human warmth and thus takes back materiality, strength, value, humanity, uniqueness, gravitational dance between opposing values ​​that disorients, annihilates and which evokes the primordial pheromone of possession, of control, an archaic thrust in the human being.

The paper thus becomes real again, in its ecosystem which brings back into reality the value, the money, the work that that paper represented or pretended to represent.

The title had value because it represented a value recognized by the reference system. The paper stock option today comes back to life and becomes Art.

Art that takes on value and therefore returns to being a commodity and to be exchanged between collectors capable of understanding the multiple vibrations and conceptual alliterations that this Work can offer.

The Meaning

The Napster work is heavy, full of meaning, it represents dissolution and recomposition, it presents a point of contact with the title because art exists, if enjoyed, possessed, touched, exchanged.

And all these meanings seem compressed in the Work that is pushed, broken, compressed, enclosed, dissolved and reassembled with sudden and uncontrolled escapes. The desire for contact and possession is also amplified by a lively, seething, erotic and rampant aesthetic.

Napster is the first work to be represented as a single work composed of the original stock of Napster Inc.

Napster, Inc. was a pioneer of music sharing via the internet, questioning the conceptual and legal framework within which the musical work was protected and the investigation of the collective lends itself to unleashing conceptual, legal and social reflections with their work. about the untouchability of the Art that Napster vainly sought to demolish.

Napster has spread the idea that art belongs to everyone and that the legal enclosures in which it is compressed are fallacious, fragile reference systems that need a total rethinking so that art returns to being vivid and alive.

Future work

The next work on the Pheromone theme is ‘Oil Art Wall’ already commissioned and which leads the collective to the creation of a wall dedicated to a famous Oil Company to recall the links to the Cracking art project.

The wall will be made up of 9 original pieces and loaded with artistic warmth from our collective of artists and craftsmen.

This will be followed by another work “Pfizer Wall” which leads the collective to the creation of a wall dedicated to the Pfizer Pharmaceutical company capable of offering a historical and current cross-section of contemporary society.