The aerospace future is embracing the hybrid technology, but not as you think

Quick question

Why Full Electric is not yet competitive at all with conventional thermal engines? Simply because the energy density ratio between jet A1 fuel and the best battery in the market is 1 to 30. Means that the energy stored in a kg of jet fuel needs to be replaced with 30kg of battery. So the ‘fuel’ will weight 30 times the current one.

Quick conclusion

If we want to build a full electric airplane, and we expect to have the same range of a normal jet airplane replòacing the thermal engine with electric engine… simply we will build an airplane that cannot fly because its weight is over what it can lift up.

By the way 

Some innovations are anyway possible, like the one we are bringing ahead, in order to increase the efficiency of the current state of the art, like using system able to convert all the energy wasted in heat, turbulences, and other in electric energy available for the services.

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