Tests days at the South Garda Circuit (IT)

Friday, 30, October, 2015

The days after the Famous ‘Trofeo delle Industrie’ kart race, sported the perfect circuit conditions to carry out extended tests on new components made by advanced materials.

In fact, during the race, a large number of drivers are performing a big numbers of laps, putting high quality rubber on the circuit ground, consequently increasing the grip of the asphalt and making the lap time performance very fast and stable. 

Exactly this condition is the preferred one by the test drivers and engineers, because it permits a precise comparison between different technical solutions, in order to select the best in class innovations and better understand some physical phenomena.

In those days we carry out tests on a high performance new design titanium water pump (produce by additive manufacturing), to stabilize the temperature of the engine in a very narrow range, and we did some screening tests on nanostructured coatings for gearbox components, dedicated to the reduction of the friction coefficient, with no needs of lubricant. 

The results of the tests were positively interesting and useful to feedback the previously carried out numerical analysis.