Charity event

Gala dinner organised by the Association FAST for the fight against the cancer

Saturday night 24 October was an important day for the Association FAST, born to support the research and fight against the cancer. 

A beautiful night was organised at the Mare Nostrum Resort in Playa de Las Americas in Tenerife (Spain), involving famous musicians, singers, showmen and showgirl and also cooks that made the night even more interesting. 

All of them did their best to entertain the 700 invitees. Fantastic performances were carried out by the Miserables actors directly from London, the famous Spanish  singer Tamara, the Los Rios and rock bands. 

The incomes were fully devolved to the Spanish Association for the Fight Against the Cancer, in order to support the hospitals and structures to better treat and serve their patients.

Picture: Dr. Raquel Arroyo the Tenerife Sur Rotary Secretary Treasurer and Fiscal and Industrial Consultant, with her husband and also her associate Dr. Elio Fuentes; Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante in different moments at the charity event