Ice Challenge 2017

Saturday and Sunday, 29-30th, January, 2017

Cold, sun and 30 cm of fresh snow welcomed the competitors of the second race of the ICE CHALLENGE 2017 in Pragelato Italy.The performances of the D4S Motorsport Citroen DS3 prototype are extremely convincing.

In fact Sergio Durante won the King of Masters race in Pragelato (Italy) after a breathtaking duel against Luca Oldini on his Peugeot 307 Prototype.

Sergio Durante carried out a convincing race, turning his Citroën DS3 Proto like clockwork and being precise and spectacular as a classic dancer buttoning up turns, and drifting. 


Best Lap Time: Sergio Durante in 38 “818 (third round). 


Photographic contribution by

Photo Alberto Caldani